Anal Foreclosure

Anal Foreclosure

July 31st - August 9th, 2008

Mama Calizo's Voice Factory, San Francisco

Part demolition, part exorcism. From below ground up we’ve built a space through which the audience tours, much like a model home. After excavating the multitudes of sentiment surrounding legalized gay marriage in California, we found the following: foreclosure party games, sequenced anal ghosts, the master’s bedroom, bathroom dances, and anal divinations. We speak through games - committing our selves to win, fail, or simply walk away. We’ve discovered new possibilities for addressing the mundane failures of everyday relationships as well as those not-yet imagined. Anal Foreclosure utilizes counter-ergonomics such as piles, messes, and aggregation to flesh out our relationship to space and to (re)imagine the queer homestead. 

Directed by: Ryan Tacata
Performers: Ryan Tacata, Becky Balon, Liz Shaheen, Wendy, Micah Stanek, Anna Duke, Priya Campbell

*A product of Mama Calizo's DIY Artist in Residency Program 2008 - (RIP Mama)