The Collected Works

The Collected Works

We’re a collaborative of artists creating performances within non traditional environments. We explore a collaborative model that coalesces classic texts, physical performance, sound and design elements in unconventional spaces. This approach has given us a reputation for dynamic productions where boundaries between space, performer and audience remain constantly in play.


Carmen in The Balcony at the Performance Art Institute (SF)

The Prince in Princess Ivona at the historic San Francisco Mint (SF)

Wall projection for Princess Ivona at the Performance Art Institute by Jamie Lyons.

Ryan Tacata plays Carmen in a provocative drag performance punctuated by skyscraper heels and a sharply edged blazer. She is all business and all pleasure at once.
— Rebecca Chaleff "The Virtual Cruelty of Collected Works' The Balcony" The Drama Review. Summer 2016, Vol. 60, No. 2
[...] a haughty prince (the sharp, charismatic Ryan Tacata) and his aristo pals make sport of the plebs until the Prince takes things too far by impetuously proposing marriage to a slow, anemic, deeply dull and disheveled young woman, the anti-heroine of the title (played with a moody lethargy and savage intelligence by Tonyanna Borkovi).
— Robert Avila, The San Francisco Bay Guardian
Ryan Tacata almost stole the show as Carmen, the former prostitute turned accountant for Irma. His take on the role brought out (and added to) the humor in the play. And I’m not in love with his performance just because he put his arm around me while cooing some of his lines. No, not at all.
— Dwight, A Common Reader