In collaboration with Dr. Leslie Hill and Dr. Helen Paris, I helped organize and teach the first massive online open course on Practice-Based Research in the Arts with a strong focus on performance based research.  Over 5,000 national and international students participated from over 30 countries in Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, Asia, and South America as well as western countries.

Practice Based Research in the Arts 

Stanford University | NovoEd | Fall 2013

A unique online course and multi-platform site dedicated to an interrogation of practice-based research in the arts. Users upload documentation and excerpts of work in progress alongside reflections with an emphasis placed on the intersections of creative and critical methodologies. This course centers on creating an opportunity for students to develop frameworks (context, tools and networks) which will enhance their ability to articulate practical-creative research within academic contexts. The online nature of this course stems from our desire to create an open forum for artist-scholars, national and international, who may wish to participate and form a convivial creative community of arts practitioners within the academy.

Student Course Evaluations

Ryan Tacata’s lecture on thinking about my practice/space catapulted my research into action. It gave me solid direction. The exercise gave me a story like response, but from those short vignettes came some clear themes that have been important when evaluating my art therapy, linking research to doing and to evaluating.
From the lectures several things stand out for me: Ryan Tacata. An aha moment, thinking about the significance of individual works being created in/existing in a particular place and how they might change in another place. Elementary, but not really thought about deeply before.
Ryan’s talk on situating the practice has helped me connect with my surrounding which reflects the inner workings of my thought process as I go on with a stroke of the brush or compose another note.