The Magical Order of ... 

Essence Portrait of Yossi Halprin by Kadet Kuhne 

The Magical Order of Spiritual Warriors Misunderstood Youth The Free Spirits Nature's Children Unbreakable Hearts Open Doors Twisted Paths Life Within The Light Way Collided Paths Points of Light The Brightest Stars Hardened Eyes God's Guardians The Energy that Flows Unbreakable Earth Down Low Mystic Princesses Mermaids Fairies The Random Butterflies Xi The Confused Minded World Urban Learner One Round Table The Genies OG's Intelligence The Enlightened

Fall 2014

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts  | YBCA In Community

The Magical Order of… is a group work in search of itself. Artists Julie Tolentino, Ryan Tacata, Kadet Kuhne join forces with young artist collaborators Yossi Halperin, Isabella Black, Kevin Hardesty, Joshua Cortez, and Angel Morales. We grow through our explorations in score making techniques, movement constructions, performance installations, and micro-utopias through meditation, embodied experience, video performances, and empathetic listening. In stillness, we’ve reached into ourselves for those things we consider personal, political, fantastic, and necessary. In movement, we’ve shared, learned, and mixed those things that exist between us.  As nomadic artists, fueled by a curious wanderlust, we’ve moved from site to site, from forests to the white cube, throughout San Francisco. The Magical Order of... invites you into our Mystic Mansion, the realm of Elders and Angels, the Shield, the Forest, and the Eye.  Here, you’ll share in our rites and rituals, our incantations, our fantasies and fears, and our takes on the Disney oeuvre. We declare the following things to be true: “No talking in the writing circle. The person’s personality and who the person is. I’m forced to ask. A name is one of a kind. There is no other like it in the world. My name is mine as yours is yours and nothing can change that no matter who tries. A rose, by any other name, would still be as sweet.”

Project instigated by Julie Tolentino with artist Ryan Tacata

Young artist collaborators: Yossi Halperin, Isabella Black, Kevin Hardesty, Joshua Cortez, Angel Morales

Essence Portraits by artist/videographer Kadet Kuhne, assisted by Jay Cisneros

Capes by Courtney Cadey

Project Support and special thanks: Hentyle Yapp, Kaela Terreson, Kevin Krueger, Jorge Hernandez, Raquel Gutierrez, Peter Carpou, Daniel Maradiaga, and Darryl Smith and Laurie Lazer, Margit Galanter, Ryan Smith

YBCA In Community is a new, community-based, arts-making program that pairs professional artists with community members in three distinct Bay Area neighborhoods—SOMA, the Mission and Excelsior Districts, and West Oakland. The program connects low-income, ethnically diverse, underserved community members, neighborhood organizations, and individual artists around collaborative art-making projects that address the unique needs and cultural traditions of each neighborhood.