For You, San Francisco, With Love*

A workshop on making performance, love, gifts, and the city. 

Do you remember your first kiss, here, at this corner? I was too poor to give you anything else. I said, "Tonight, the city is yours, my love" and we sank into the cement like starlets signing the boulevard. Would you make a performance differently if its audience were an 'intended' audience of one? How can we appropriate the city through small acts of love? How might love and gift giving transform traditional economies of live performance? In this three hour workshop, participants will be introduced to score-building techniques and will produce their own, personalized, instructionals for one-to-one performances. With specific lovers in mind, we will create site specific performances-as-gifts using objects, text, our bodies, and the urban surround. 

Participants are asked to bring writing materials and 1-2 objects they're willing to share. 

*This workshop is inspired by Allan Kaprow's Piece for Coryl's Birthday (1985). As a gift for his girlfriend, Kaprow created an 'activity score' for the couple to perform together. It included all of Kaprow's usual devices: isolated body parts, tracings, mirrors, and use of the everyday. 

Originally commissioned by California Institute of Integral Studies MFA Program in Performance Making