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For You, is a dedicated practice of performance making. Our work proceeds from these two desires:

  1. Make performances based on, and for, specific individuals.

  2. Bring together a diverse group of strangers for an intimate encounter.

Since 2016, we’ve curated diverse audiences by discovering shared themes, patterns, and ideas. We create performances based on our experiences of getting to know our small audiences by visiting them at their homes, shadowing them at work, taking them on dates, etc. We take all of our field notes from those meetings and devise a number of performative responses, which we call dedicated responses. Then, we present that work back to them in an exclusive, day long adventure. We create experiences for strangers to see each other in new ways; to come together for shared encounters and develop creative and radically intimate micro-communities creative. Our culminating performances might take place in a black box theater, or they might unravel over a three day road trip to Las Vegas.

Creative Team: Erika Chong Shuch, Ryan D. Tacata, and Rowena Richie.

For You, is generously supported by Creative Capital; Center for Cultural Innovation, Investing in Artists Award; New England Foundation for the Arts; and the Global Brain Health Initiative.