Performative Gifts

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Performative Gifts

From performative instructionals for my lovers, to wedding presents and beyond, I often craft personalized performances as gifts. This practice is situated in both the current trend of one-to-one performances as well as the more common practices of strippers, party clowns, and singing telegrams.

Make a Gift

If you're interested in commissioning a personalized performance for a loved one, party, or friend, contact me for pricing and details:

We asked them to bring something to share with another attendee: the offerings included handmade knitted trivets, home-brewed sloe gin, handmade wood cutting boards, original drawings and sketches, and a collection of podcast interviews. Performance artist Ryan Tacata gave the most original gift: a five-minute performance piece for architect Douglas Burnham of Envelope A + D.
— Sarah Lonsdale, Remodelista
I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved your performance. You elevated our event to being a most memorable celebration. What a fine way to recognize an inspiring relationship between two dear friends. People have been raving about it.
— Tim Yarish